TEST: Jumper T8SG, the “quasi” Universal radiocommand



The Jumper T8SG is probably the product that I was the most waiting during the last year. Why ? it’s a compact lightweight radiocommand clearly inspired by the Walkera Devo 7E but integrating the 4-in-1 multimodule, four 3-away position switches, two extra pots and even a vibration system!!!!! In fact the Jumper T8SG integrates all the different mods developped during the last three years for the Devo 7E. So no more tricky soldering job to do !!!. The compactness of the Jumper is ideal for micro/mini brushless FPV racers and thanks to the multi-module most popular protocols are supported: Spektrum DSM2/X, FrSky D8/D16, FlySky, Futabe SFHSS, Hubsan, WLtoys, Cheerson and many many more The list is long and almost every week, a new protocol is added…. This is probably the first “quasi” Universal Radio..



+ 1 x Jumper T8SG
+ 1 x Neck strap
+ 1 x Transportation bag

Nice to see a transportation bag included in the bundle :).


In term of dimension, the jumper is compact, the same size than the Devo 7E…. so far more smaller than a FrSky Taranis for example… On the right my modded Devo 7E with two extra 3-way switches and two builtin extra RF chip… With the 4xAA battery, the Devo 7E is much more heavier than the Jumper. In term of plastic quality, the Devo model is ahead… Don’t worry, the jumper is very well build…


For the T8SG, out of the box, four 3-away switches are here…. their respective metal bars are short…. There are referenced are Sw A, SW B, SW C and SW D in DevatioNTX. But notice their “strange” order sequence…. SWA on the full right, the B on the left … Strange. Anyway, cherry on the cake, you can find two pots … ideal to control a gimbal for example !!!!


Here are the dimensions



DeviationTX 5.0 is installed by default. The OS has been release close to 6 months ago at least. Since this date, many new build are available. We can hope it will be possible to update….


Switches are visible from meny



Paradoxally, the look is clearly inspired by Futaba chassis….. but in fact, all electronics are largely copying the Walkera Devo 7E ones…


Compared to the Devo 7E, the navigation buttons are inverted… A unique large power button and two lights indicates the power status.



A SMA connector…. so you can attach your favorite 2.4G antenna


There is also a jack connector bo be used as trainer port. Ideal to fly your Simulator with yoru Jumper.


The battery tray is compact. Yoy can fit a 1000mmAh model maybe a 1300mAh maximum. The tray dimension is 80mmx30mmx17mm (LxWxH). The LiPo must be connected via the balancer plug


Unfortunatly, there is a miniUSB port (for future firmware upgrade) but is hidden. Good news, for the new batch of Jumper, the miniUSB port is now positioned in diagonal and directly available from the battery bay. Anyway, it’s possible to drill a small hole to free the access of the miniUSB port.





With a 900mAh LiPo inserted….


only 384g … close twice more lighter than my modded Devo 7E… Impressive… Ideal for long FPV racing session. With the 900mAh, I can enjoy my Jumper more than 1h.


5 screws to open the chassis. The design is largely inspired from the Devo 7E. For example, the voltage regulation circuit is the same, the bootloader the same too… On the central part, the huge 4-in-1 multimodule convered by a metallic shielding/heatsink. The advantage of this builtin 4-in-1 multimodule is the SPI connexion…. so communication will be done much more faster than via PPM as for some multimodule for Taranis radio.


A 50ohm coaxial cable directly soldered on the chip


Good news, the STM ARM core is a 256Ko version…. so no more problem to fit DeviationTX OS into memory. The original 7E got a 128Ko chip and now don’t offer enough space to include all features developped in the last DeviationTX built (full telemetry for example). In practice, the DeviationTX’s build currently implemented is derived from the “Ultimate 7E” build… just few lines in two C files are specilized for the Jumper T8SG. In a very close future, the Jumper will be directly supported by the Ultimate 7E…



The 3-way switches …



In practice, the Jumper looks just a bit more cheapy than the original Walkera 7E in term of quality build… the gimbals offers just a bit less precision but far beyond any < 90USD radio competitors. As soon as you turn on the radio, the jumper T8SG vibes. As for the 7E, the Jumper can store only 30 model files .... it's not enough but it's a limitation of the OS. You are impressed by the number of protocol supported and more some other are available via suboption of the parent's protocol.... Good news, I was able to install the custom build done by Vlad_yy with last source codes: https://www.deviationtx.com/forum/builds/7346-jumper-t8sg-builds

If you plan to install this new build update, be sure that you have installed correctly the associated DFU driver. I advise to install more the software V2.31 and install the driver by righ-click on the “.inf” file C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\Virtual comport driver\Win8 subfolder even if you are in windows 10+ …

Notice that for all protocols based on the CYRF6936 (DSM2/DSMX, Walkera protocols), the Power Amplifier part of the RF chip can be pushed up to 150mW. Here is the Multi-module the PA is probably shared with all other three RF chips… so with a bit of luck, they can also enjoy of such extra boost… The range obtained with the 4-in-1 is as good as individual chip… It’s great πŸ™‚ More for some two ways protocols (Speltrum, FrSky, Hubsan), some telemetry information are sent and displayed on the radio. You can set some specific alarm. For example on the RSSI or the Vbat for example.

Another last good news than I can conform with this radio. By default 30 config files (modelxx.ini) are stored in the media subfolder. You can double this number by creating 30 new files from model31.ini up to model60.ini


For a first universal radio, the jumper T8SG is almost the perfect product… Perfect integration of the 4-in-1 multimodule, MCU upgraded to 256Ko, 4 x 3-way switches, 2 extra pots, a trainer port and even vibrations’s module is here. The radio is compact and light and cheap !!!! No more need to do super tricky soldering job (the ARM core swapping is very hard to do, the diode mode too for the CYRF6936). My only regret is the bad location of the miniUSB port but it’s already solved in the incoming new batch. What we could expect next ? A new model with Hall gimbals, color touchescreen and a voice module…. I am pretty it will be relatively soon available but of course not so cheap. I highly recommand the T8SG for a good first radio… compatible with hundreds of machines.


+ Builtin 4-in-1 multimodule (connected via SPI bus)
+ 4 x 3-way switches
+ 2 x pots
+ Vibration’s motor
+ 256 Ko MCU
+ Comes with DeviationTX 5.0
+ Compact
+ Lightweight
+ Cheap
+ Powered with a 2S LiPo
+ Trainer port
+ Can be updated with Nightly Build


– No easy miniUSB access (solved from the second batch of the T8SG)
– Gimbals slightly less precise than the Devo7E ones
– Small swiches metal bars
– Small pot buttons

This Radiocommand have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 86USD at https://www.banggood.com/Jumper-T8SG-Multi-Protocol-2_4G-10CH-Compact-Transmitter-for-Flysky-Frsky-DSM2-Walkera-Devo-Futaba-p-1189811.html


  • Benjamin says:

    I thought that I was limited at 30 models on my Devo10 but I realized that I only had to create new files model31.ini and so on to increase the available number of models (which is initially of 30). Isn’t it the same on Devo7E and this transmitter ?

  • Alberto says:

    Hello Seby, excellent review and tutorial as usual.
    I tried doing the firmware upgrade and everything was going well until it came time to turn the transmitter back on in Usb mode. When I turn it on holding the ENT button, I get a USB logo on the screen but the computer doesn’t read the hard drive. Instead, I get a error saying “USB device not recognized” and that it may have malfunctioned. Do you have any idea how to correct this? I have tried installing the drivers from the deviation tutorials but nothing has worked.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Did you try with non-USB3 port ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for the reply. Yes I have tried with usb 2 and 3. Also different pc’s with win 10 and 8. I receive the message saying “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) A request for the usb device descriptor failed.”

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Did you install the last V3 branch Dfuse software ? Can you try with the older version ? and associated driver ? maybe to be installed manually

  • Onclefly says:

    Salut Seby, chouette tu l’as reΓ§u. Alors heureux car moi je suis déçu.

  • Ummacrash says:

    Hello what is the better quality gimball flysky i6 or jumper t8sg?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Some prefer the Jumper, some the FlySky….. Personally I find the FlySly a little bit better … maybe because there are some metal stick extender

  • Wayne says:

    Same here. DeviationTX sets up 30 model slots but my Devo 10 currently has 60 models saved on it.

  • Olivier says:

    Hello !
    Interesting radio indeed !
    For a first purchase of a non toy Tx, you recommend that one or a Devo 7E with 3 in 1 TX ? I think Devo would be more expensive globally, and taking into account the mod, the extra weight, etc.. does gimbals quality worth the additional money / time ?
    What about comparison with FlySky i6 ? Sounds this Jumper does much better ?

    Other option for me is to buy Taranis X9D plus, with addtional TX module, but here cost would be more around 200€, so not sure it worths the money.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      For a first good radio… now I will advise more this Jumper …. over the 7E modded. coz for some mods, especially the full diod mode, it’s super tricky to do and the jumper will be even cheaper. For the Taranis option with an external model it’s a very good option… but you have to know this combo will be at least twice more heavier…. and the the multimodule will be connected in PPM… so with slower connexion than SPI that the jumper have….

  • Olivier says:

    OK Thanks. Will go for that one then…
    Do you know when the new version with mini USB access solved will be available ?
    I’ve asked Geekbuying.com as they have stock but this is not the new version… And for Banggood, it is still in preorder state, but don’t know if it would be new version. And also 10€ more expansive than GeekBuying.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      No idea πŸ™ πŸ™ ….I am afraid when their corresponding stock will be over… but in any case, moding the casing for a direct USB access takes 5min of work…. It’s not a big deal

  • fneuf says:

    Could you recommend specific battery models to use inside this radiocommand ?

  • Sam Sanford says:

    Thank you for your in depth review! I wanted to point out that it has an SMA female antenna connector not RP-SMA

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