TEST: SYMA X5 5.8G FPV kit


If you are disapointed by the WiFi version of your Syma X5, the real Syma X5 5.8G FPV kit is probably for you. For around 50 USD, you have a full kit including a HD ready cam, a 200mW VTX, a DVR and 4.3 FPV monitor!!! Not bad



+ 1 x Camera+VTX+DVR+battery combo (with a 1S 300mAh LiPo )
+ 1 x 4″3 FPV monitor (using 4xAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x USB charger cable for the camera combo and the FPV monitor
+ 1 x Monitor mount

In a first glance, this kit is very similar to the WLtoys V666, V686G kit.





Plastic casing




The RTC6507 as video modulator. Versus the V686G variant, now you can select one of the 8 Boscam frequencies via this 3 position DIP switch.
Here is the table of the 8 measured freq (Courtesy Alias_Hendrik )


If you want to install a CL antenna, you will need to desolder the actual antenna, solder the lead (interior) wire on the small pad and the ground (external) to the pad associated with the huge gnd surface.

Camera lens


A M5.5 lens mount… Unfortunatly, no known wide lens for such tiny size


EDIT : Good news, the 808#16 lens D combo (lens + sensor) can be directly installed




A 300 mAh, 1S model



FPV monitor

No blue screen. Only when the signal is recovering, there is a short black transition time to time.


The monitor have a SMA connector

A battery bay with a 1S cell and the DIP 3P switch to select one of the 8 Boscam frequencies


The LCD display is really basic. Any settings can be ajusted . The screen have very brillant dalle and even with the sun shade It’s hard to see outdoors.

5.8G antenna

The antenna is patch antenna, a directive linear polarization model. The directivity is half-plan




+ Full standalone 5.8G kit
+ 720p@30fps recording
+ 300mAh (> 15min of usage)
+ Lens oriention ajustable
+ No frame rate drop while recording
+ Cheap
+ Planar antenna
+ Powerful VTX (200mW)
+ Channels selection (Boscam band)
+ VTX Battery information displayed
+ Can be probably use for non-syma X5 model
+ 808#16 lens D+sensor (120 deg of FOV) can be installed


– 23g
– M5.5 lens mount not compatible with 808#16 lens
– HD video not as good as the V686G
– WDR in strong light not working perfectly (linked with the sensor size)
– Brillant LCD screen
– Some vertical white lines
– Can’t disable OSD informations
– No monitor setting

This 5.8G FPV kit have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thanks them for this attitude.

You can find it actually for 52 USD at http://www.banggood.com/Syma-X5C-1-X5SC-X5SW-5_8G-FPV-720P-Camera-with-Monitor-Real-Time-Transmission-p-980090.html


  • joel says:

    hello can i use this kit without original radio if power on the camera does it automatic streaming vĂ­deo to recever ,hope you can help because i need a cheap fpv system for my quad thanks

    • admin says:

      The FPV part is always working as soon you are powering this Kit. So yes you can install it on any quad. For the HD recording, you need to set the trigger signal to GND for 1s if I am not wrong

  • Dean says:

    Just got one of these, the camera is quite heavy and mine gets really hot! only flown it indoors so far but the lens is too narrow really. I’ve ordered an 808 D lens which should help. Do you think there be enough room in the X5C quad to put it inside the case to reduce the weight? Would have to mod the charging port though. Just need a weekend when it’s not raining or windy to give it a proper test.

  • Vic says:

    I have one of these but it stopped working after 10 mins.
    It needs a new circuit board for the monitor as it has overheated.
    Does anyone know who the manufacturer is?
    I would like to contact them as the supplier has not helped.

  • Cookie says:

    My Syma x5 can barely lift the camera. Flies terrible and only for a short time. What is wrong?

  • Sebastien says:

    When i see the end of your video, i see a gap of 1 or 2 seconds between the video reality and the video on fpv screen ?

    So, can we drive the x5c only with the FPV screen ? or the gap between reality and fpv screen prevent this.

    Camera of the FPV kit is better or not than original camera of the x5c ?

    I want to buy this kit for my X5C-1, and i want to be sure of my choice.

    Thanks from FRANCE for your answer.
    Best regards.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      No the delay between the HD 720p video and the FPV recording is due to the difference of frame rates between these two video recorder (one in the camera, the other in my goggles). In practive, with this KIT you can record only the 720p and of course the FPV line on the monitor is perfectly syncrhonized 🙂

      • Sebastien says:

        Thank you very much for your answer, so i am decided and I bought this kit on Banggood !. I wait it !
        But i lost my X5C-1 at the top of a tree…

        How many time to load the 2 batteries for the screen and the camera ?

        Best regards.

        Sebastien (from FRANCE)

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Around 20-25min for the VTX’s LiPo, around 30-35min for the FPV monitor battery.

          PS. Désolé pour ton X5C-1

          • Sebastien says:

            I received my FPV kit today !. It works fine !
            I was afraid, but channels are easy to manage, so good point for me.
            Now, i just need to buy a new X5C-1 to test it in flight ! 🙂

            Best regards.

            PS : very good your french ! 😉

            Sebastien (from FRANCE)

          • SeByDocKy says:

            Normal je suis Français 😉

  • Sebastien says:

    Normal, en effet ! 🙂
    Je n’avais pas dĂ©taillĂ© votre profil, mais j’aurais dĂ» !
    Du coup, j’ai vu La Valette du Var, je connais, j’y vais de temps en temps dans la belle famille.
    Bonne continuation.

  • Stephfone says:

    I have this kit but want to upgrade my vtx transmitter and camera will the monitor channels work with any other v2x system help

  • Zambri says:


    could you please tell me the monitor lipo specifications? I want to order replacement when I order it, so it arrives all at the same time.

    Also measures of the camera lipo would be really appreciated, but I understand that is more difficult.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      It’s 1S 200mAh LiPo with microLOSI connector. You have a lot of free room in battery compartement. You can install a larger model for sure (a 300-400 more larger should fit)
      For your current LiPo, if this one don’t charge anymore, if you have a more Professional charger, use the “Pb” mode with a current of 0.1A. during few second until the voltage go above 3.0V… then switch to
      the normal LiPo mode… I saved many LiPo like this

  • Sebastien says:


    J’ai installĂ© le 808#16 lens D+sensor sur ma camĂ©ra FPV du kit FPV pour SYMA X5C-1.
    Le champ de vision est en effet beaucoup plus large, mais la qualitĂ© des images est nettement infĂ©rieure Ă  la qualitĂ© de la lentille d’origine du kit. Toutes les images sont floues, de mĂȘme pour les vidĂ©os.

    Avez-vous constatĂ© la mĂȘme chose ?

    Voici 2 images pour comparer :

    Merci d’avance.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      En effet, il y a un lĂ©ger flou…. “no free lunch” … mais si tu rĂ©gles bien ta lentille Ă  l’infini ca devrait le faire.

      • delaseb says:

        Merci pour cette rĂ©ponse rapide. J’ai fait quelques essais par la fenĂȘtre en tournant la lentille, et en effet c’est un peu mieux. Je pensais que la lentille Ă©tait fixe, tout comme celle d’origine (de prĂšs ou de loin, les images Ă©tait pas mal, mais lĂ  j’ai l’impression qu’il faudra que je la rĂšgle en fonction de la distance de vol). L’effet oeil de poisson est assez prononcĂ© aussi avec cette lentille. Il ne me reste plus qu’Ă  tester ça en condition de vol quand il fera beau.

        Pour revenir sur mon commentaire du 12 janvier et la perte de mon X5C-1 dans un arbre, il est retombĂ© au bout de 2 mois sous la pluie, le gel,… j’ai mis Ă  sĂ©cher, j’ai remis une batterie, et il est reparti comme au 1er jour !

        Bonne fin de journée.

  • Tim says:

    Hi,how easy is it to swap the standard lens for the 808 D lens,do you have a video on how to do it,many thanks

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