• bryon kerslake says:

    Can you supply me with wiring diagram for connecting walkera g-2d white plastic gimbal to xk 380 quadcopter,many thanks

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hi, it’s pretty direct, I described in my review the two X380 ports: One is to power the gimbal (GND, +12V) and the other one is to control the tilt or pan. For the second one, disconnect from ther servo plug provided in your G-2D, the central red wire and connect it the X380 correspondly (GND to GND, Signal to signal)

  • bryon kerslake says:

    did you do a video of connecting g-2d to the xk380

  • nec_25 says:

    Dear Friend
    I like your Reviews very much and tests you do about the quadcopters ( you can save us from many problems!!!) I am a Beginner – Intermidiate and i am planig to buy (WLTOYS Q303) OR (Helic max 1327 Sky Vampire), but for the second you don’t have a test yet! What’s your opinion about these two quadcopters , and i want to ask you something about (BAYANGTOYS X16) and the test you made!!!! I was surprised when i saw this Crup (controler, soldering, cut wires….) at this beutiful toy! Have you check yet if this happened in one piece , or more from the factory and if a Beginner -Intermidiate can fly this thing with Guidence from an expert
    Your reply will be very helpful and Continue what you are doing you doing a Grate job!!!
    Kindly Regards Nectarios -Greece

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hi …. I don’t have any clear prior about the Sky Vampire since I didn’t have it in hands. Since I understands, it’s Tarantula inspired…. Concerning the Q303, I found it pretty good and I advise more the FPV version.
      For the X16, another reviewer seems to have also some problems with … so I am afraid it’s a general quality build problem ….

  • RAY says:


    JXD 509W.




  • Sean Chan says:

    Dear SeByDocKy,

    this is Sean from Aomway Technology, we like your reviews and test videos, are you also able to test antenna? wonder how can we contact you through email?
    thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,
    Sean Chan

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Ho Sean,

      I like aomway products but to be honest it will be hard for me to review an antenna …. I don’t have the sensors to really measure a reflexion diagram …. So my test woul be so subjective and d├ępendent of so many other factors …
      that scientifically, any conclusion could be draw. My email is (sebydocky a t h o t m a i l d o t c o m)

  • Stan says:

    I used the Jumper T8SG that I bought from Geek shopping used it for 10 minutes on a simulator and 10 minutes on a drone. When I shut down the drone that was the last time it did anything. It shows a usb symbol when it is started on the ENT and blank on the EXT. Geek shopping just ignores me. Any ideas? I got it 2 months ago.

  • Jakub says:

    What are the best budget goggles ?

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